Sunday, August 24, 2014

Sew simple leggings

I love wearing my black boots, tights/leggings and skirts. But it's hard to find non-black leggings that are not hideously expensive, so I was interested to try this "Sew Simple" pattern for leggings. (Also because it was only $2.95 - bargain!)

I had some stretch pink/reddish knit fabric from an op shop that I was going to use for a long sleeve top, but decided to try the leggings pattern out on. So here they are (not with black boots, but with my next-favourite boots!)

True to its name the pattern was super simple. It only took about half an hour to make up. The waist is a little high and I'd lower it next time, plus I used too long a length of elastic, so I have to fold it over about 4 times to keep them up! But even so they are eminently wearable. Even though I have absolutely nothing in my wardrobe that goes with them, other than this dress (from Yass Vinnies, spotted by Kahli, thank you!). 

The same pattern website also has some good-looking free patterns. I downloaded the wrap dress. I think it could look very nice and it might be my next knit fabric project...

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