Monday, June 15, 2015

Op shop tablecloth = new outdoor seat cushion covers

In the continuing saga of 'Things the dog ate', another victim was the ties on the outdoor bench cushion covers. (No pic though). He chewed them off more than a year ago, and for more than a year, I have been picking up the cushions off the ground when the wind blows them off or the kids chuck them off. Also, the original covers were mildewed, stained and generally festy!

So having become tired of the pick-up game and sick of sitting on feral cushions, I found an old tablecloth at the op shop for $1. It is pretty heavyweight fabric so good enough for outdoor use. Not waterproof but the table is now under the new verandah so that doesn't matter.

Faded black with a beige-ish abstract-ish floral-ish print!

All I did was measure the length of the foam after chucking the old covers out, then made a simple boxed cover using a grey/mauve remnant for the sides. I didn't bother with a zip, just sewed up the opening by hand. Will probably regret that later.

The important part: new ties to hold on the damn things. (Dog can no longer get to the verandah so they are safe from him, and safe from cushion-chucking children.)

Here's Kai showing off the completed set. Slight improvement over the mouldy old ones!!

Now, if only the verandah could be paved as easily....

Wednesday, June 10, 2015

Title fight: Dog vs Bathmat

Before: A Sheridan bathmat, given to us as a wedding present 15 years ago, came off second-best in a recent scuffle with Buster the bathmat-chewing mutt. I was pretty annoyed as even though it was 15 years old, it was still our best bathmat!

Some close-ups of the sad mess on two of the corners...

After: The result of the fight was the dog banished outside for good, a trimmed-down version of the bathmat and some red satin ribbon binding. Dog 0, Bathmat 1. 

I had some fun practising my free motion quilting along the edge. I tried some leaves...

And some stars...

And a secret message for those who bothered to look closely enough.  

I actually made this several months ago, but slow internet has put me off regular posting. In those months, no-one has yet discovered my message. So it remains a secret - at least from the residents of this house!

Tuesday, June 9, 2015

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