Monday, October 20, 2014

Old wool skirt + obi offcut = new apron

I bought a lovely lined, red woollen skirt for $1 at the Holbrook op shop about a year ago (no before picture). It was far too big but I thought I could easily cut it down to size.

It had other plans. After I cut too much off the sides, I thought I'd then add a blue panel from an obi offcut, off centre, to add the extra width back on before resewing the side seams.

Nope, that didn't work either! So to save balling it up and chucking it in the rag pile, I thought "Aha! I could do with a new apron." Et voila!

(Note; the girly looking legs in the photo actually belong to Hector. I thought he looked good with an apron in front of him so I left 'em in the photo).

I made the ties from the offcuts of the skirt sides where I had originally cut too much off. Added them either side of the original waistband, then simply hemmed the sides and bottom. 

Because the wool was a bit itchy I thought I would keep the lining intact. Who am I kidding, I just couldn't be bothered to trim it off!

So here it is in-situ (below). We all need a fully lined, woollen apron at least once in our lives, I figure (?) It's a shame really that I didn't make it work as a skirt, because looking at it in the photo below, it would be a pretty nice skirt! 

As an aside, those pants you can't see much of in the photo, are also 'something new from something old'... a red op shop sheet that I made up using my favourite drawstring pants pattern. I actually made them as pyjamas, but am currently short of long pants, so I renamed them 'long pants'. Oh dear, I need to get on to some serious clothes sewing! But am in the middle of a quilt for sister-in-law's 50th b'day so clothes are on hold...

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