Wednesday, January 21, 2015

A Lane Raglan Tee and another Renfrew

Before: kind of hideous cowl-neck top from Yass Vinnies, I liked the colour and feel of the fabric. Hector looks a bit like a headless zombie holding this up for the photo...

After: a kind of respectable tshirt. I have forgiven Buster his heinous crime from my previous post (or maybe this photo was taken beforehand, I can't really remember).

The pattern is the Lane Raglan from Hey June. It's pretty popular in the sewing blog world. Very simple, I probably had several like it in the cobwebby pattern box but I am a bit of a sucker for the instant gratification of ordering a PDF pattern and receiving it a few seconds later. 

There wasn't enough of the green to get the sleeves out, so I used black ribbing, which I like the look of. Also for the neckline binding. The pattern was easy to follow and make but I don't like the way it has you finished the neckline  - you sew the neck binding on the flat and then sew up the last shoulder seam, it leaves a bumpy finish on the neckline that I had to sew down by hand. Next time I will just do it in the round.

Before #2: some cream and caramel (i.e light brown and medium brown) knit from Jamison Salvos in Canberra.

In the same box was a length of beige knit. 

After: another Renfrew top. I blogged about one of these here last year. (I made this one last year too, but am a bit sporadic when it comes to blogging completed projects, as you have no doubt noticed. I blame the slow-as-a-wet-week internet connection).

I like this one better than the previous version. I took out some of the excess sleeve length. I kept the overall length the same, but the difference in fabric ( this stuff is very stretchy) seems to have made it longer than the first one.

I was MOST impressed with myself with the stripe matching up the left hand side. Not perfect, but pretty close.

Not so much impressed with the right side.... you win some you lose some!

I also tried hard to cut the neckband so as to have an even stripe. I managed that pretty well if I do say so myself. It looks a bit wrinkled here but it's not actually.


Unfortunately the fabric was a little TOO stretchy and since sewing has lost of lot of its shape. But it's so snuggly soft I use it as a pyjama top. So no biggie. 

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