Sunday, October 25, 2015

Memory scarf for my Mum

Wow, October already. How does that happen? Seems like every year these days is faster than the one before it. Fitting then that I am posting here what I called a 'memory scarf', since I made it for my Mum last Christmas, and now it's nearly this Christmas!

I don't like buying Christmas (or birthday) presents; I'd much rather make them. To make this scarf, I searched through my fabric to find bits that I had either bought while I was with Mum, or once belonged to her, or were in some other way related to her.

The lilac raw silk (below) was a skirt of Mum's that she had made and years later given to me to wear or sat in the cupboard a few years and I realised I would likely never wear it, so it moved to my sewing cupboard. I made a few pintucks across it to add a bit of texture to the scarf. 

The mauve and blue flower silk below and the dark blue silk were pieces I bought while Mum and I were in Japan back in 2008. We went on a quilting/textiles bus tour for two weeks. The flower silk was from a stall at the Yokohama Quilt Show (one of the trip's main highlights).  

The dark blue was a secondhand piece of obi silk from a shop in Tokyo that had masses of used obi pieces for very little cost, compared to the high price of the new fabric. It seemed to me that secondhand items were not valued very highly - on the same trip I bought a beautiful kimono (that I previously made a skirt from and blogged about here

The variegated ribbon (below) was from the hairpiece that Mum made me (a silk flower) for my wedding 15 years ago (thanks Mum!). The flower had seen better days but the ribbon was still good so I unpicked it and used in the scarf. 

To make the scarf, all I did was piece the different sections together (about 6.5 inches wide) after pintucking the silk. Then I sewed it inside-out to a long piece of blue satin to back it, and turned it through. So there you have it - very simple to make, and a nice trip down memory lane while making it as a bonus. 

Ciao for now, 
Kath x 

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