Saturday, April 19, 2014

Green linen skirt + white sundress = iPad cover

In need of an 8th birthday present for Ellie's friend Tana, I whipped up an iPad case. Ellie chose the fabric - an op-shop deep green linen skirt that I have worn a few times, but it was just a bit tight for comfort. Here's Ellie hiding behind it to make it float...

To make the case I just layered long rectangles of the linen, some quilt wadding and a fish-print lining fabric (which came from a preloved cotton sundress given to me by my friend Marg). 

Sewed the three layers together and turned right side out, then topstitched and added some Velcro. Super-easy. Ellie wanted to 'help', so she wrote his name on it!

I had to hand-sew up the sides, as I had not left enough room for the iPad plus its leather cover (I'd calculated size based on a 'naked' iPad). Looks a bit crooked in the picture but I think that's the camera angle. 

It just fitted! Here's a pic of it closed. I had to double sew the velcro and zigzag it, because the first time I tested opening the bag, the velcro ripped straight off! Whoops. If I learnt something from this project, it's to buy decent-quality velcro - the stuff I have came on a big roll and was cheap as. 

The birthday boy seemed happy with it. Good idea if you are stuck for a present and have only about two hours to make one!     

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