Thursday, May 1, 2014

New pants from old pants

I spied some red floral cotton pyjama pants in the Holbrook op shop (the BEST op shop, for those who are into that sort of thing) a few months ago. They were ladies' size 14 and super comfy, but they also super ripped the first time I wore them - fabric had worn out around the crotch. So out with the scissors to produce a pair of Explorer shorts for Ellie. The pockets are actually new fabric, I will admit. I have to use up my stash of quilting fabrics somehow, now that I seem to not be making quilts any more. 

This is a great easy-to-make pattern recommended by Michelle, a fellow sewer in Gunning. I made lots of kids shorts from this pattern last summer. The pockets are a big bag that hang down inside, giving lots of room for all that crap that kids like to put in their pockets. 

At the same time I also picked up a pair of men's satin boxer shorts in a cool spider print, thinking that they could be cut down to make..another pair of boxer shorts (what else)? for Kai.  

This is just a standard shorts pattern, a Kwiksew kids' pattern that I have used for many and varied tracksuits, pyjamas, shorts, dressups and jackets for various nieces, nephews and my kids for the last 18 years at least. Unfortunately, Kai usually refuses to wear them, as he 'hates the spiders'! 

This last picture is not a pair of pants, obviously, but thought I would chuck it in to round up an old project. I made this tiered skirt for Ellie a couple of years ago from a hideously ugly dress (no photo) I found in the free bin at Revolve. I didn't think it would really be her cup of tea, but it's actually been one of her favourite things I've made and has been worn more than any other thing I've made her!

From memory the dress had the tiers as the bodice, so all I did was cut off the skirt section, cut off the straps, fold over the top of the bodice and then stick in some elastic. The rosette was part of the original dress so I just cut it off and added back to the top tier. Very simple. I think the reason Ellie likes to wear it is because of the feel of the fabric, which has a slippery satiny boxer-short feeling (I've no idea what it actually is). 

I was in Holbrook again a couple of days ago but didn't get to the op shop this time. Did manage a visit to the Vinnies in Albury though - that is another good one, you can find it near the Centrepoint arcade off the main street. I scored several metres of unused both white and black stretch fabric for a few dollars that I plan to make something from for my next project. Stay tuned!

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