Monday, May 19, 2014

From kimono to skirt

On a holiday to Japan with my mum five years ago, I discovered that second-hand goods seem to have very little value there. Much to my advantage, when I found a rack groaning with second-hand kimonos at the Yokohama quilt show. All the fabric for sale was crazy expensive, but silk kimonos were calling out to me at a  measly $15! If I'd thought at all about it, I would have picked several, but I didn't.

Here's a closeup of the fabric - it's such a gorgeous design, and has lots of subtle colours in it. 

After four years hanging in my wardrobe, I realised I was never going to actually wear it as a kimono. It was far too long, and I just didn't ever feel like taking the hem up. One day, inspiration struck in the form of an A-line skirt by a great Aussie designer, Nicole Mallalieu

Here's a picture of her version:

I didn't add the contrast panel, and made the shorter version, but otherwise I followed the pattern, which is a good one. Here's mine in the kimono fabric:

For something fun I used some left over red satin lining for the facing.
This is the second skirt of this pattern I've made, and the first one was a bit too big. So I made the next size down, but unfortunately there is no give in the yoke of this one at all, and as a result it is a bit too small! Next time I'll go in between....

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