Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Two very different bags...

Bag #1: inspired by necessity, due to the old but actual excuse of 'my dog ate it....'

I had the need to replace our laundry bag, originally bought at Ikea and made of white plastic. The new dog decided not only to sleep in it, but then completely destroy it.

So: out came two lots of op shop fabric, one an original 70's curtain fabric that's been lying around for years, and the other a floral cotton from a garage sale. Voila!

This was a bit of an experiment, as I had to measure the old bag and try and figure out how it went together. I normally make lots of mathematical errors during this process, but it worked first time, which was nice! Here's the inside:

For the tops, which were sewn on to the frame in the original, I used mass amounts of velcro so that I could wash it occasionally.

And here's a shot of it in use! Just to show that yes, it can hold laundry. I would have made it all from the 70's fabric but I didn't have enough. Then afterwards I remembered that I had another two metres of it that was on the back seat of the car to catch food from the kids! Oh well. My friend Ankemaria eyed off that bit the other day so it has found a new home. I hope to see something cool made out of it by her. 

And bag #2: needed a birthday gift for a friend of Ellie's in a hurry. Aki had recently visited and spied this small piece of secondhand obi silk fabric in the sewing room. I bought it in Japan at a shop selling millions of rolls of preloved obi widths. She loved the fabric so much, and since I had not got around to using it in five years, I thought, why not.   

Here's a close-up: I think it's hand-painted. 

I made a very simple drawstring bag and plonked a bit of purple ribbon in to draw it up. Here's side 1: 

And side 2: 

And just for fun, and 'arty' shot of it drawn up and hanging on my chest of drawers. I love this bit of furniture, it belonged to my Nana, and I'd had my eye on it since I was about 7 years old. The other little baggie is one my Mum made me many years ago.

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