Monday, March 24, 2014

A bunch of parsley (pants)

Mentioning the Parsley Pants pattern in my last post gave me the idea of doing a round-up of the PPs I have made using either all or some reclaimed fabric. I didn't realise how many I had made until I looked through the kid's cupboard the other day! Only five pairs are shown here, but I've made at least 8 or so, including some for friends's kids.

PP1: Ex-sarong from Yass op shop. Ellie wanted me to leave the fringing on the bottom of the legs (next pic). Glad I did, it looks so cute!

PP2: Ex-pillowcase with hideous Eiffel tower print. Kai chose this fabric but then got upset once I'd made them - he wanted me to leave it as a pillowcase. He loves them now though. So much that he has worn out the ass of them, which I patched with a scrap of Halloween cat fabric from a friend (right pic).

PP3: School pants for Ellie, made from blue drill fabric from Yass op shop. Ok, they are quite boring, and very wrinkled, due to my rarely ironing anything after it is sewn! But, this pattern really fits kids so well, that I use it for everything. (I wish it came in adult sizes!).

Because the pants were a bit utilitarian, I added some silky satin fabric as a hidden non-uniform surprise in the pocket lining. That fabric came from a failed dress I attempted to make that was not worth resuscitating. 

PP4: Another pair for Ellie made from an extremely hideous skirt from the Yass op shop. I loved the border print but it looked so wrong as a full skirt. I had fun matching the centres. This is my favourite pair of PPs and Ellie has worn them to death, the knees are almost gone.

PP5: The corduroy for Kai's pants was actually from Spotlight (clearance bin) but I include these here because the pocket fabric, which I love, came from a bag I found in the free bin at Revolve. 

That's it for the PP round-up. I highly recommend this pattern for kids - they look a bit weird hanging up but they are very flattering when being worn. The pattern also has options for pinstripes, knee patches and square pockets but I like these curved ones the best.  

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