Thursday, March 13, 2014

cushion cover + worn out towel = new bathmat

I promised my friend Kerry that I would post something today. I've just made it in time!

Before: a large cushion cover, found in the free clothing bins at Revolve in Mitchell. It looks rectangular in the picture, but only because I had to fold it to fit it on the hanger. It seemed ridiculously large for a cushion - about a metre square. Who has cushions that big?? As soon as I saw it, I thought 'Bathmat'.

Ok, I can't work out how to turn this image around. Don't hurt your neck when or if  you turn your head sideways to see it properly. You don't really need to. 

I cut the end with the zipper off, stuck an old towel folded in half inside, folded in the open side edges, and topstitched about 1cm from the edges. Then I added another row of stitching a couple of inches away to echo the shape. Voila!

Yes, yes, I know the bathmat looks a lot like the original cushion cover. It's a lot softer and squishier now, though. I have made a few bathmats from old towels before, but this is definitely my favourite so far. 

If you try this sort of thing yourself, here are two tips: 
  1. Sew the towel in half together first with at least three lines of stitching, or it will not sit still inside when you are sewing the cover on. I learnt this the hard way. Using a walking foot makes this easier.
  2. Use a heavy duty needle. I used a leather needle, after breaking a standard one. 

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