Monday, March 17, 2014

A new top and some teatowels

I cut out this top last year at our fortnightly craft 'n' conversation group. I finally sewed it up on the weekend. I think it's quite cute!

Ok, I REALLY can't understand why my pictures keep going sideways. I have a suspicion that it's because I turn the camera 90 degrees when I took the picture. I'll try taking it the other way next time.

Never mind. The pattern is called the Washi, and is made by an independent pattern designer, Rae. This is the tunic version of the dress. The back (which I didn't photograph) has five lines of shirring. It was my first attempt at shirring and after I worked it out, I was surprised how easy it was to do. The pattern was very clear and easy to follow - I also have made many pairs of cute kids' pants using the same designer's pattern, called Parsley pants.

The only quibble I have with the instructions for this top was for the shirring part - she says to not stretch the shirring elastic at all as you wind it on the bobbin. But this failed, and the elastic did not gather properly. I resorted to my Reader's Digest Complete Guide to Sewing, which said to stretch it slightly as you wind it on. This made all the difference and made it work perfectly.

The fabric came from one of the Goulburn op shops for about $1. It's an odd fabric, almost feels like slippery curtain fabric - I don't know what it is, but it sure isn't dress fabric! It feels nice and light though.

Ok, so I know this one wasn't a before-and-after project, and we all like those, so here's a small one - very utilitarian, I'm afraid. But something I do all the time!

Before: a large tube of soft cotton, found in Revolve's free clothing bin.
After: a stack (it made about 5) of lovely soft teatowels!
When I make teatowels, normally out of old linen tablecloths, I am usually lazy and just overlock the edges. But this time I made an effort and hemmed the edges instead. They look much nicer that way. And since we have to have teatowels, I figure we might as well have nice ones.

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